Skin Sub-health

can affect people’s appearance

According to a xanthous facial skin survey
from WHO indicates that:


Dr. Select (Jiangsu) Skincare Co., Ltd.

With the adherence to “Customer First, Assurance and Safety-based”, we struggle to achieve the purpose of “Beauty and Health”
Dr. Select (Jiangsu) Skincare Co., Ltd was founded in April 2016. It is a joint venture enterprise established by Jiangsu Traumark Medical Instrument Co., Ltd and Japanese Dr. Select Co., Ltd. Dr. Selected is located near beautiful West Tai Lake in Changzhou which is very close to Shanghai. The company takes customer first as its objective and focuses on the new concept of medical beauty.

Flon Holdings

Flon Holdings was established by Dr. Fuqing Qian, the pioneer of Chinese orthopedic industry and the vice chairman of China Association for Medical Devices Industry (CAMDI).

Flon Holdings, located near the beautiful West Taihu Lake, covers an area of 92 acres. The 400,000 square meters of construction area consists of 230,000 square meters production plants and 120,000 square meters research and development facilities.

There are five industries in Flon’s system, and they are the medical instruments, lighting electronics, biomaterials, environmental technology, and venture capital investments. Now because of the entrance of Dr. Select, we have another new part for cosmetic.

Dr.Select (Japan) Co., Ltd

Since the Dr.Select (Japan) Co., Ltd was founded, company focuses on technology development and products upgrading. The company takes customer first as its objective and focuses on the new concept of medical beauty.

De.Select (Japan) Co., Ltd has a good reputation in Japan and its product has been severing in more than 7000 clinics and 1000 drug stores. At the present, through purchasing agent and internet, some products in Chinese market also have the high popularity. So the Dr.Select brand will have the broad market prospects.

The special Unicollagen Technology of Jiangsu Traumark
UniCollagen™ Recombinant Collagen

Collagen is a very important protein in the human body and is an extracellular matrix. It is one of the key substance of delay aging. It has a s trong ability to stretch, its main component of ligaments and tendons. It keeps the skin elastic and prevents skin wrinkles. Collagen is mainly located in the body's skin, bones,muscles, cartilage, joints, hair tissue, support, repair and protection of the role.